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Aurora Decorating Center carries the exclusive Benjamin Moore Private Label brushes and rollers.  Benjamin Moore has designed these fine paint applicators to work flawlessly with all of their paint and stain products.  Why ruin quality paint by applying it with bargain rollers and brushes?


Paintbrushes are generally designed to perform well with all types of coatings, no matter what the brand. Benjamin Moore® professional paintbrushes, on the other hand, are custom-blended to provide superior performance specifically with Benjamin Moore paints.


Benjamin Moore's Professional Roller Covers are also specifically designed to be the ideal roller to apply Benjamin Moore Paints. Our roller sleeves ensure a spatter-free and smooth paint job every time.


To ensure the finest finish for your decorating or renovation project, select Benjamin Moore Quality Brushes and Roller Sleeves.Purdy produces only the highest quality painting tools. Purdy’s meticulously handcrafted brushes and high-quality roller covers have been the choice of professionals for over 75 years. You might ask, "Aren't all brushes and rollers the same?" No, they are not. Each Purdy brush is an individually built instrument designed, formulated, and handcrafted for maximum painting performance. Purdy’s attention to detail in the manufacturing processes makes Purdy brushes the industry standard among paint tool manufacturers.


The material Purdy uses in their roller covers is superb because they work closely with their suppliers to ensure they use only the finest fabrics available. The high-quality fibers used in Purdy covers do not mat down and hold a lot of paint, allowing pick up and release of the paint in an even fashion. Aurora Decorating Center carries a full lineup of Purdy Tools.


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